When Going Alone

Let’s face it. There are times that you want to or need to walk somewhere alone, be it nighttime or daytime. That’s totally fine, but I want to share some tips with how to keep yourself safe when you do this. 

You might be walking alone in a parking lot, on a sidewalk or you may be taking a walk or run in your neighborhood streets, park, or nature trail. Whatever your situation, you need to be aware of your surroundings and have your guard a level up since you’re alone. 

Note this, though: the key in all of the self-defense tips I give you is to be prepared, not paranoid. Being prepared and confident should give you freedom, not have you live in fear. 

Alright so here are some practical tips to keep yourself safe in different situations. 

Parking lots:

-Park in a well-lit area. Some people feel safer parking right next to the cart return if at a grocery store. 

-Be aware of people inside nearby cars when parking and when walking to and from your vehicle. Obviously not everyone is just waiting for their next prey, but know that it does happen and people do sometimes work as a team. 

-Do not sit in your car unnecessarily or distracted. 

-Check your surroundings, keeping your chin up and eyes alert. Make a mental note of unusual behavior. Greet people with a smile! This can not only brighten a normal person’s day but also let a predator know that you know they’re there. 


-I would say don’t walk too close to the curb but I’ve been on plenty of sidewalks that have little alleyways and crannies on the inside of the sidewalk as well. So comfortably in the middle is a good idea. 

-Make note of people making the same turns as you, whether on your side or on the opposite side of the street. 

-If you feel in danger, pop into the closest busy or well-lit store. Stay until you feel safe or call someone who can meet you there. 

-Use your surroundings! Many sidewalks have window fronts that work great to casually check your surroundings by looking in the reflection to check behind you.


-Always tell someone where you’re going and when you estimate you’ll be back. 

-Use an app or other tracking and sharing device to share your location with a trusted friend or loved one. 

-Don’t use the same trail over and over. Change up your route occasionally. 

-Go Guarded has a great runner’s ring you should check out.

-Stay in well-lit or well-populated areas when you can.

The basics remain the same wherever you go. Be situationally aware and don’t present yourself as an easy target. Keeping your ID on you is also a good idea so that you can be identified, if God-forbid anything happens to you. I would absolutely advise finding a weapon (lethal or non-lethal; the choice is up to you) you can keep on your person that you are comfortable using. Just be prepared to put any necessary violence behind that weapon and know that it is up to you know the legalities surrounding that choice and the state or country you are in. 

You got this! 

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