Fortitude Defense Level 1


  • Attain situational awareness & avoidance methods & when necessary, how to escape & fight
  • Learn & practice essential self-defense techniques for the most common attacks against women
    • Multiple Wrist Grab Defenses
    • Bear Hug (arms trapped) Defense
    • Hair & Ponytail Grab Defenses
    • Mount Defense
    • Shoulder Grab Defense
    • Front Strangle Defense
    • Rape Defense
  • Gain the knowledge and skills to walk confidently and create eye contact to deter a predator
  •  2 hour hands-on workshop
  • Access to instructional videos to keep practicing what you learned on your own!
  • Unlimited FREE Level 1: Embolden – Just bring a new friend each time!!

Upcoming Level 1: Embolden Workshops