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5 Tips To Keep You Safe When Traveling

Just like you would be situationally aware and present yourself confidently when you are in your home town and comfort zone, you must do the same but dial up your level just a bit when you travel.

Whether you travel with a group, with work, with family or alone, it’s important to keep your safety in mind and pay attention to your surroundings. Here are some safety tips for your journey:

1.)Act Confident

I don’t care if you have no clue where you’re going or what you’re doing. Don’t look lost. This will only make it easier for someone with ill-intent to spot you and hone in on you as an easy target. Blend in – don’t stand out like the tourist you are. If you think you may be being followed, say, in an airport for example, strike up conversation with a trustworthy-looking family or group and don’t be afraid to make eye-contact with your follower. Let them know that you do see them and you’re not afraid to do or say something.

2.)Don’t make it easy.

Keep valuables at a minimum. If you need to carry cash or a card that’s fine, but maybe don’t flaunt it in a designer handbag. Layer your money with small bills on the outside and larger bills on the inside. Don’t carry your phone in an outside open pocket in your bag or pants. Especially in large crowds, this can make it easy for someone to slide it out and be gone before you realize it. By then it’s probably too late for you to track it if they know what they’re doing. Minimize what you carry and when you do need a purse or a bag, choose a backpack or cross-body style so it’s harder to get. Think about details, like where the zipper openings are and how easy it would be for someone behind you on a busy sidewalk or a tram to slide something out. Keep valuables on an inside pocket or across your chest so you can see them at all times. When parking your car, don’t leave any bags in sight. Criminals have breaking into cars down to a science and they’re super efficient. It doesn’t take long and they don’t really care if it’s daytime or a busy area. In fact, sometimes that makes it easier.

3.)Keep your hands free and your eyes up.

As always but especially when traveling, having your hands free leaves you less-distracted, it allows your gate when walking to be stronger and appear more confident and it allows your hands to be free to reach for a self-defense tool if you have one on you (and I hope that you do, if possible). When you’re in airports, bus stops, etc., keep your belongings on you or wrapped around an arm or leg at all times. Not only will this help you if you’re like me and have adhd and “out of sight out of mind,” but it will also help you not to leave things behind or allow them to be easily taken. I like to minimize what I carry and have what I need easily accessible so I’m not fumbling around. My carryon is usually a medium sized backpack and then a belt bag that has my essentials that I need more regularly. For me, these are my ID, my cell phone and obviously, lip gloss.

4.)Choose a weapon

…or some type of tool that you are comfortable using and have it readily accessible. Obviously, there are places that don’t allow true weapons so use your creativity for items that could work as weapons. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the laws in the place that you travel and know whether that weapon is allowed on your person. No need to have to deal with jail time if you don’t have to. As always, be super comfortable and confident in your choice and know that some weapons need quite a bit of violence put behind them in order for them to do their job. My favorite to carry is a knife. When checking it in my luggage, I put it in my toiletry or makeup bag so it’s not just out there. Yes, sadly things get stolen out of our luggage. Don’t make it easy.

5.)Don’t announce where you’re staying.

Whether it’s from social media or your mouth, be sure to be aware of your audience when you talk about your travel. When you’re out of town makes a great time for home intrusions if they know they’re less likely to get caught. Once at your destination, take note about who is around when speaking aloud about where you’re staying, which room number, etc. When using an elevator, ask others what floor they’re going to first before pressing your own button. Use your instincts as to whether you should continue on to your floor or if you need to get off the elevator.

As always, with all tips for self-defense, please take these as a way to give yourself freedom and confidence to travel. Be prepared, not paranoid. Have a blast and enjoy the journey.

You got this!

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