Walk Strong

I know it may sound less-than-exciting, especially if you’re more of a feisty personality like yours truly but the best thing you can do in self-defense is to not be there. Yup. Mr. Miyagi was right when he said in the Karate Kid, “No be there.” 

Avoiding a dangerous situation starts with two things: presenting yourself with confidence and being aware of your surroundings. When you walk with confidence, you will consequently be more present and aware of your surroundings and able to listen to your instincts and note any red flags about a place or a person. 

When someone of ill-repute (whether a stranger or someone we know) wants to find a target, they want an easy prey. 

Don’t be an easy target!! 

We can do this by focusing on how we walk, making eye contact and using our voice. 

A study was done in the 80’s in New York City by two psychologists that I find fascinating. They set up a video camera in an intersection in New York City for 3 days in a row for 2 hours a day, simply recording people walking. Then they showed this footage to prisoners incarcerated for violent attacks and asked them a simple question. “Who would you choose as your victim?” They ALL chose the SAME victims!! What! The feedback these prisoners gave was that it was all based on how the person carried themselves. A shuffled walk, a distracted person, someone low on confidence, eyes down, chin down, etc. These types of predators want an easy target and they want someone who won’t give them a fight. 

I don’t care if you have to fake it at first until you really have the confidence but please don’t present yourself as an easy target. Start today. Now. 

Practical ways you can do this?

-Walk with a strong, confident gate. Not with steps too short or too long. Just right. 

-Shoulders back, chin up! This also helps you be aware of your surroundings.

-Make eye contact. Even if someone makes you feel uncomfortable. Actually it’s even more important then because it not only tells the person you see them but also that you aren’t intimidated and will not go down easily. 

You got this!